Frequently Asked Questions

Will you learn songs for our event?

Yes, this is typically not a problem, as the musicians in Charisma are adept at learning new songs quickly.  We do require that the number of special requests be limited to two, and that we finalize all requests at least 60 days prior to your event – just to be sure that when we perform them at your event, they will sound perfect.

Will you help me to organize my event so everything runs smoothly?

Yes, we can provide excellent advice on how to organize the details of your event and coordinate activities accordingly.  If you decide to book Charisma for your event, our lead singer and event coordinator, Marie, will be the liaison between you and the band.

Have you played at the venue where we are planning to hold our event?

Charisma has entertained guests at many venues throughout CT, NY, MA, and NJ over the years - see our Venues page for details.  There are so many fabulous venues in these states that it would be impossible for any band to have experience playing at all of them.  What’s most important is that we own a professionally designed sound system that is configured "on the spot" to appropriately accommodate the requirements of any venue.  We also bring our audio engineer to every event, just to be sure everything sounds perfect!

How do I book Charisma for my event?

Preferably via, our online booking agent, but we do accept direct contact bookings as well.  For more information, either call or send an e-mail using the Contact form.

Do you play recorded music during set breaks, and how long are your breaks between sets?

Yes, we provide a variety of recorded music during set breaks, which are typically about 10 minutes long (following a 50-60 minute set).

How much time do you need to set up?

We generally request about two hours to set up and sound-check the band properly.

What are your electrical requirements?

We require properly grounded outlets, and would ideally request access to two separate 20 amp fuses/circuits (one for the sound equipment and another for the lights).

Where can I hear Charisma play live?

We play regularly at clubs throughout CT - please check the Live! page for more information.  It may also be possible to view our performance at a private event, assuming we get prior approval from our client.  A private showcase at our rehearsal studio in Newtown, CT, can also easily be arranged.

Are references available?

Yes.  Please see the GigMasters site to review comments posted by our former clients.  Some of the client feedback posted on our GigMasters site also appear on this website - just click on the References tab above.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we are adequately covered by liability insurance.  Note that if your venue requires that they be added as an additional insured on our liability policy for the day of your event, there is a nominal extra charge for this certificate that is not covered by Charisma.  This amount of this extra charge can vary, so please contact us for more information.

Does Charisma play any songs other than those listed on the Songs page?

Yes, this is a very active process.  We are constantly adding songs to our repertoire and focusing/modifying our set lists for various types of events.  For example, some of the songs on our set list are played only at clubs, while others are played only at formal events.

I attended a wedding recently where the DJ seemed to never stop talking to the guests, and in certain instances he made somewhat embarrassing/inappropriate comments.  Can I be assured that this won’t happen at my wedding if I hire Charisma?

Charisma is a professional and experienced group of entertainers – the last thing we want to do is make anyone uncomfortable!  Our job is to ensure that everyone dances and generally has a great time.  The focus of any wedding should be the bride and groom, and we are always extremely careful to keep that in mind throughout the course of the event.

Will I need to arrange a meal for the band?

Yes, this is a standard requirement, especially for a long event such as a wedding.  However, the meal doesn't have to be what your guests are being served.  Your caterer may be able to suggest a less expensive meal to satisfy vendors associated with your event.

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