Check us out live at an upcoming showcase!

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Jon Blanck - tenor and soprano saxophone
Mitch Taub - Music Man Bongo

Showcase Options:

* We would be happy to arrange a live showcase for you at our rehearsal studio in Newtown, CT.

or, if traveling is difficult…..

* Do you have a computer or mobile device with FaceTime or Skype?  If so, we can arrange a "virtual showcase", complete with video of the band and live sound.

Call or e-mail for more information!!

Live Band Myth #1

"Bands are always more expensive than DJs"

Peter Obre - Fender Telecaster

Not true - we've heard plenty of DJs, and some are fantastic entertainers.  However, not all DJs have equivalent skills, and just like anything else, you get what you pay for. Charisma offers a pricing scale to bring you outstanding entertainment value, and we are competitively priced when fairly compared to DJs who are great at what they do.  Also, we always bring 6000+ digitally recorded songs on an iPod to play during our short breaks.

Live Band Myth #2

"Bands take too many breaks, and play so loudly, nobody can talk"

Also not true - at least when it comes to Charisma.  We take short breaks and usually can't wait to get back on stage.  We're also very sensitive to the needs of our audience, and will gladly turn down the volume if requested by our clients.  We have sets of acoustic music that can be performed, by various members of the band, during dinner and/or cocktail hour.

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